The Masterplant Group was founded in Italy in 1984 with the vision of industrializing the production and transplanting of seedlings.

At the beginning of the millennium, the group exported its know-how in neighbouring countries as well as overseas. Through acquisitions and joint ventures, the Group establishes nurseries in Europe and in the Americas, reaching a yearly production close to 1 billion seedlings and positioning itself as one of the top players of the industry on a worldwide scale.

With time Masterplant also diversified and established products & services supply companies to its portfolio to aid further development of agriculture in the countries in which it is present.

Masterplant currently operates in Argentina, Brazil, California, Chile, Italy, and Turkey.

Developing specialized productive techniques and advanced technologies, the Group proposes itself as a "sustainability partner" for the agro-industry through the analysis, optimization and certification of the supply chain processes for the production of vegetables, fruits, herbs.







Masterplant Group Ltd.

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